The Next Struggle for Israel’s Gay Community

The Stream - Israel's gay exodus?

And President Reuven Rivlin, whose influence is mostly moral, has called for all four "main tribes" of Israel — the secular, the religious Zionists, the Haredim, and the Arabs — to work together. Sugahman Since then, there has been steady progress, especially in the courts. Fill the forms bellow to register.

Why is there tension?

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The Next Struggle for Israel’s Gay Community

Moreover, the collective values preached by the early founders of the Jewish state likewise left little room for exploration of personal identity. Sounds like the Stonewall riots, right? The very name of this first organization, the Society for the Protection of Personal Rights then, as today, known as the Agudah , in Hebrew , reflected the difficulty of organizing sexual minorities at a time when the existence of a sodomy law was thought by many to make homosexuality itself illegal.

Middle East. Cash Counting Machines.

The Next Struggle for Israel’s Gay Community
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