My boyfriend came out as gay then I married him

If you suddenly found yourself liking girls then you'd probably wouldn't like it if your ex made a big fuss about it. Today's Top Stories. Just let bygones be bygones and consider it a life lesson. I wasn't shocked he might be gay, but I was also surprised because he put me on such a pedestal and cared so much for me.

If he didn't tell you, then how would you have known? After the dust settled, we went back to being each other's best friends. I can't do this anymore.

I gay dating malaysia found reading this

  • Society deemed it acceptable for him to be my best friend in a way that would not have been true if he were a straight ex-boyfriend.
  • I admit i'm not completely shocked, but my ego is hurt really bad. Whatever the reasons it's all about him.

Well, actually, I've always identified as a gay man since about 12 but lived the life of a hetro man. I did not see that clearly in the past. But she admits to hoping for a deathbed confession. Your BF probably knows the truth deep down - whether his is Bi or Gay-but may just be too afraid like I was.

After finishing uni in , Yasmin met Rohaan while working at a property management company. This way, everyone can happily live the life they want to live.

My boyfriend came out as gay then I married him
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