More ways to celebrate Gay Pride

Cost: Free with pay-as-you-go food and drinks. Patrons at Joe Pop's in Ship Bottom. Fire up your Instagram. Is there that one guy who always makes the offensive gay jokes, yet no one ever tells him to give it a rest? Stonewall 50 When: June 28 - July Again, it's important to remain professional — unless your workplace is spectacularly chill, you probably don't want your co-workers to see you doing shots with a performer in a Pride parade.

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  • Sure, alcohol is good, but activism is better. There's a lot more to be fighting for.
  • Learn about the history of the queer community in your city, and see how you might contribute to work being done with vulnerable communities and LGBTQ youth.
  • You can unfriend people in real life too. Related blog posts.
  • These parties are also not a place for straight couples to come scope for threesomes.
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  • Want some suggestions? Try Andrea Gibson.

At the very least, don't push yourself to the front of the action and shove community members to the back of the crowd. Attending the Pride festival is a great way to get information on the queer community in your city and the groups doing work in it. In recent years, American Pride marches and related celebrations have been increasingly joined by members of the straight community who identify as allies and want to support queer friends and family.

Speak up: Making your workplace more inclusive, whether you see an immediate need or not, is a small step you can take to help advance workplace equality. Yes, this is a public event, but it is also a queer community space.

More ways to celebrate Gay Pride
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