Mob Attacks Gays In Nigerian Capital

Nigerian and gay: dodging police and the Yahoo Boys

Convicted offenders can be jailed for up to 10 years. They said they wanted to kill. They were treated at his organization's clinic because they were afraid to go to a hospital. Many Africans believe homosexuality is an evil import from the West.

Than Gay Marriage and personal beliefs of the tech company

  • LGBT interviewees told Human Rights Watch that they feel compelled to conceal their sexual orientation or gender identity because the SSMPA gives members of the public tacit permission to commit acts of violence against them with impunity. At first our friends were scared to come and attend to us.
  • Gay men are so rich. The officers told the women, "No one needs lesbians, no one will ever get you out of here.
  • Binta told Human Rights Watch that the group beat them with canes, dragged them on the ground, and insulted them. Civil unions.
  • They beat him further when they saw pictures of him with his partner.
  • They beat until he could not fight back. Five of the men were apparently detained by police before being released.
  • Detroit News. He also did not report the crimes to the police in case he was arrested and imprisoned for 14 years.

As a result of the strong anti-homosexual culture in Jamaica , many reggae and dancehall artists, such as Buju Banton , Elephant Man , Sizzla , have published song lyrics advocating violence against homosexuals. By prohibiting and criminalizing persons who register, operate, participate in, and support the activities of gay clubs, the SSMPA directly violates the right to freedom of association which is protected under article 22 1 of the ICCPR.

The Quran , much like the Bible and Torah , has a vague condemnation of homosexuality and how it should be dealt with, leaving it open to interpretation. In addition, Human Rights Watch interviewed several men who had been assaulted and tortured during arrests and detention.

A Climate of Fear V. In some relatively secular Muslim-majority countries such as Indonesia , [] Jordan and Turkey , this is not the case.

Mob Attacks Gays In Nigerian Capital
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