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This is where Gaydar begins to set the bar quite high. Nothing more, nothing less. South Sound Lesbians. See all.

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  • I then have the best sleep I have had for weeks. Seattle Queer Film Lovers United.
  • Finding a date or something more intimate could not be easier with the use of the dating site Gays.
  • Seattle's 20's and 30's Gay Men's Group. All of this has been possible thanks to the work, dedication and expertise of our guide in this course-workshop, Manuel Grau.
  • This content is available only to members. We want to show you stress reduction techniques based on Mindfulness, which will help you diminish stress and will open up the doors to a more meaningful and happier life.
Mindful Gay Men Members

What sensations are we having right now…? Only wander without looking for a goal, not a destination, without the intention of reaching a particular location. A mix…? You can set your eyes straight ahead or you can look down and see how the foot up from the floor and back down, and feel the rhythm of your steps.

Roger Pebody. We, gay and bisexual men, are especially prone to lead stressful lives with additional issues that many of us carry in our backpacks: these can be high demanding jobs, present or past coming out issues, homophobia, a past history of bullying, the need to keep fit and beautiful, trying to find our place in a predominantly straight world or, why not, trying to find our place among other gay men.

Mindful Gay Men Members
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