Just pretend to be gay and get a salacious article

There are three things that I think have been changing since the midth century. You know you're in for a tantalizing story when it begins, "I was sitting in Gore Vidal's living room. This becomes very obvious in the subject of drag.

I wonder if he gets much action? R41 is full of shit. Not altogether sure what the story is here.

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Just pretend to be gay and get a salacious article

Unless I have the facts and the context then it's just an opinion ironically like this opinion! Sure gay people are not all the same, but some do fit the stereotype, some even play up to it. Some of this was covered in Bowers' memoir, but when he interviewed Bowers for his film, Tyrnauer was still not prepared for the full breadth of Bowers' sexual experience before he'd turned He reckoned he could tell a gay man by looking at his face.

Talk about first world problems Alert moderator whogoesthere: 08 Sep pm There's nothing inherently wrong with stereotyping or generalising as long as you remember they are not universal. The first thing most of us notice is gender, then things like race, attractiveness, size, posture, mood and so on.

Just pretend to be gay and get a salacious article
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