But gay people here in Zagreb try to look as

Or lounge in Zrinjevac Park with their cinema repertoire. Listen to the sound of your footsteps and enjoy the evening flicker of vintage gas lamps. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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During the period when Croatia was part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia , male homosexual acts were made illegal and punishable with up to two years of prison under the Penal Code of 9 March Zagreb Pride has been organised since year Public support is growing and number of participants is also increasing rapidly year after year, but the marches have also experienced violent public opposition.

The manifestation was the biggest Pride rally in Croatia at the time, and took place without any violent incidents. Perfect for secret assignations, untroubled reading, or for spying on those below. The first article dates from the early s, which was the starting point of contemporary Croatian gay activism.

But gay people here in Zagreb try to look as
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