But as far as i know gay marriage has been

Elizabeth Warren Had The Ultimate Response To A Question About Gay Marriage - TIME

It is an excellent article filled with Truth. The most basic right we have is the right to live. Opponents of gay marriage argue that it will undermine the institution of marriage. Marriage is not a construct. A sacramental marriage would be ideal.

However, we can say with complete certainty that two men will never conceive a child from their sexual acts, nor will two women.

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  • Full acceptance and recognition, just as is the case today with interracial and interfaith marriages. Did you write the majority opinion for Justice Kennedy?
  • Last month, Rep.
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What is the general perception on moral issues? A closely divided Spanish parliament legalized same-sex marriage in , guaranteeing identical rights to all married couples regardless of sexual orientation. As of October, only couples had registered their partnerships, according to Nijiiro Diversity, a nonprofit that fights discrimination against gay people in the workplace.

In just about a decade, public opinion on same-sex marriage has radically turned, now accepting something that was previously harshly ostracized. There have also been speculations about a possible renewed judicial activism of the Court Kryzanek

But as far as i know gay marriage has been
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