3 Pourquoi opter pour J M Gay pour une

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Furthermore, despite the fact that empirical research does provide grounds for limiting the number of parents, configurations nonetheless exist involving more than two parents Leckey, a. Judges were worried by other aspects of the personal development of these children: they thought they would be more likely to display signs of mental illness and coping difficulties, and have more fragile mental health than children raised in heterosexual families.

The law also allows for the realization of a parental project through use of third party genetic material, in the context of a process of assisted procreation in a private setting. They have been more likely to use surrogacy when they can afford it and choose to both be called papa or to be called papa and daddy Gross, b.

Sociological research has also shed light on the strategies adults have adopted in order for the households they form with their children to be perceived as families. Comment cela se fait-il?

3 Pourquoi opter pour J M Gay pour une
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