Offers useful destination gay: Stefan Arestis

For us they were the best way to find out where to go and what is happening. What is their feeling towards Americans? Everytime I see a post from you guys or discover a Pin on Pinterest etc. There are so many amazing things to do in Dubai that you could easily spend weeks having the time of your life.

In fact the GPS signal is completely independent from your internet connection. The gay scene is very small.

My friends happened to be gay

  • With regards to anti-discrimination laws, there are none nationwide.
  • The Piano Bar is perfect for lovers of drag. Pin it.
  • We plan to visit Latin America in and possibly North America.
  • These all converge outside to become one large fabulous street party every single evening. Other places in Thailand with a gay scene include Phuket and Pattaya, and to a lesser extent, Chiang Mai.
  • Googlemaps has also been a god send in our travels.
  • I really should get around to using Skyscanner more often.
  • Our correspondent Bryan Herb is a co-founder of Zoom Vacations.
  • Travelling to Dubai soon. Must do in Dubai: visit the Miracle Garden million flowers are arranged to form incredible displays including a castle, giant teddy bear and an Emirates A aeroplane at the Dubai Miracle Garden.
offers useful destination gay: Stefan Arestis

What was also interesting in this series was the second episode when the Fab Five were exploring the gay scene of Tokyo, which we highly recommend watching it. Judy Dlugacz, founder, president and CEO of Olivia Travel, which started in as a lesbian music company before switching to cruises and other forms of travel in , concurred on Russia.

Recent political changes, with the Communist government seeming to embrace LGBT issues, added a sense of safety. One of the remaining exceptions, according to experts, is with those destinations where anti-LGBT policies continue or have gotten worse , or where travel can be legitimately dangerous.

Offers useful destination gay: Stefan Arestis
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