From same sex parent families lesbian and gay parents do

Joint adoption allowed. Furthermore, 5 countries have legalized some form of step-child adoption. Everyone working with children should be aware of an organization called C. Skip Ribbon Commands. In a paper published in in the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, Goldberg conducted in-depth interviews with 46 adults with at least one gay parent.

In addition, each one now has a lesbian partner, and those partners have also become his parents, though he calls them by their first names. Another pattern is the wide discrepancy between the number of studies conducted with children of gay fathers and those with lesbian mothers

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The authors said that scholars had achieved a rare degree of consensus that unmarried lesbian parents are raising children who develop at least as well as their counterparts with married heterosexual parents.

Many foster care agencies do not have policies that support family diversity. March 30,

From same sex parent families lesbian and gay parents do
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