Could we see a gay male in SU? : stevenuniverse

Everyone Is Gay - Steven Universe (ANIMATIC)

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  • We are the only storytelling species in the world, and the stories we absorb and that we tell ourselves are what make us who we are. Steven Universe is in its fifth season.
  • Remember Jasper? The show has featured women in tuxedos, boys in dresses, and a non-binary person in whatever clothing they want, and all of it is celebrated.
Could we see a gay male in SU? : stevenuniverse

They have a fight, just like any other couple, which normalizes their relationship even more. Except every week in your inbox. That isn't great, but what makes it worse is that, even though there is similar intimacy between a man and a woman, Greg and Rose, later in the same episode, that part remains intact.

They get to be badass fighters and hilarious mentors. The rest of the cast includes highly seasoned voice actors and singers, including Deedee Magno, Michaela Dietz, and Zach Callison as Steven. Tag: Steven Universe.

Could we see a gay male in SU? : stevenuniverse
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